Art of the Fitting

For more than 150 years ESCORA has been fulfilling its mission: we bring women gleam and bring out their natural beauty. For the next few years, we have made a firm commitment to continue creating breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly fitting lingerie for women.
form01Luxury lingerie made in Europe - it is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off in the evening. Usually not seen and yet our underware provides attention. The bra is the little secret of every woman - it pushes, shapes and supports and acts like a second skin. As a constant companion, it is important that the bra and the underware in general fits perfectly and a woman feels completely comfortable. Not every woman can wear every bra. But there is the right bra for every woman.

For every size and style the right lingerie

Before the new lingerie or materials come into the shop, the drafts are to be put on. This is how it can be tested, how new collection parts feel and behave in everyday life. We want to improve your daily life and not hinder you with small imperfections. In our designs you should feel feminine and seductive. Wonderful and without any constraints complied.

The selection of diversified, first-class and exciting lingerie pieces in flattering, soft quality make your look complete and can not be missed in your closet. They should feel like a second skin.
We put all our skills, all our craftsmanship and all our experiences in our lingerie, so you can get the best out of yourself.
Individuality is very important for us. Our lingerie is sometimes playful, sometimes sexy, sometimes sporty and classic - but always individual and sharp. Our cuts always fit perfectly and vary in the most diverse, noble and luxurious materials.

Style is for a matter of concentrating on the essentials, clear in form, consistent in detail, uncompromising in the processing. As a team with creative and technical know-how, as well as a great experience in procurement, we develop with passion for our work, with attention to detail and always search for individual solutions our products with high demand. Our aim is to understand the desires and needs of women in lingerie and underwear and to convert them into aesthetically beautiful and high-quality pieces.

For every silhouette, figure and type the right bra

X-silhouette: it is characterized by a narrow waist, hip and upper part are approximately equally strong. Waisted models support the feminine effect of the figure.
Use the power of your figure.

H-type: here the upper, waist and hip have about the same circumference, the figure appears straight, slim and athletic. Through targeted use of seams and decorative elements, optical body lines can be generated.

V-line: the chest area is more pronounced. The bust can be set quickly and without much effort. Supplemented by highlights from the range of briefs.

A-silhouette: it makes the buttocks and the hip appear dominant. The upper body is narrower and more elegant. An optical compensation can be achieved when the upper half of the body is set in scene.