Suspenders and garter belts by Escora

A suspender belt is not just a sexy accessory for sensual hours, but a very useful lingerie, which ensures that the fine stockings remain where they belong to. Every woman knows the situation: You want to surprise your darling with sexy lingerie and just as you enter the bedroom, the stockings slide down below your knees. From the erotic surprise becomes thus rather a laughing stock. A garter or a garter belt can help here. In conjunction with suspenders, a garter belt looks very sexy and seductive. In addition, the fine stockings are kept absolutely secure and the embarrassing scenario described above is avoided.

Every good garter belt should have the following features:

  •   It is important that the garter belt is as close as possible to the waist and not just to the hips. The fine stockings can develop a quite high pulling force, so that a garter which reaches only to the hip can easily be pulled down. Furthermore, the garter belt should be firm and comfortable.
  • A garter can have 4 or 6 straps. When buying it is advisable to make sure that the tapes and clips are wide enough to give the stockings a secure hold.
  • The clips should be stable and tight enough. Selecting material, Escora places great emphasis on quality and durability.

Garters and garter belts by Escora

For women who do not want to miss erotic moments, the garter belt is an important and also very popular accessory. The hip belt is a reliable partner when it comes to giving the stockings a perfect hold. Moreover, this accessory looks very erotic and perfects your look. At Escora, the design of the lingerie is particularly important. Our garter belts are made of fine lace and tulle and meet the highest demands. Let yourself be enchanted by designs and color variety of our lingerie. With suspenders, garter belts and a matching negligee, you wrap every man around your finger. The garters and suspenders by Escora offer high wearing comfort, excellent quality and reliable hold for the stockings.