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Erotic charisma and explosive elegance!

Since the establishment of the ESCORA corset factory in 1862 by Eduard Schmidt, tailor and purveyor to the court,
ESCORA has been hugely successful, thanks to its combination of traditional craftsmanship and real innovation.
Numerous registered patents, including for the highly successful push-up bra, are testament to this company’s important,
unique culture.
Family tradition stretching back more than 150 years, an eye for quality, zeal for innovation and a real sense for modern
creations go in to making this tried-and-trusted concept, and have led to global success for ESCORA lingerie right up to
the present day. From the first sketch to the finished product, the finest materials are collected, combined, broken down,
and put together to form something totally new. Only the best designs make it into the collection. Even today, our
products are made in Europe, including in our own workshops in Austria and Germany.


The history – love beauty, celebrate femininity and value detail. Remain mysterious, feel inspiration, play with your own image. Reinvent classics, vive la différence - turn seduction into an art form and discover new things. Be a modern woman.
DIAMOR is an experience for the senses that skilfully presents attractive lingerie. The collections comprise a wide range of high-quality garments for exclusive and timeless moments. This erotic lingerie represents femininity, beauty, sensuality, eroticism and wellbeing, and has always featured maximum wearing comfort, optimum fits and premium quality.
To date, the garments have been exclusively produced in Europe, including our own workshop in Austria.
DIAMOR gives the range a young and modern note and emanates luxury and charm – the epitome of femininity!

Mademoiselle Coco Cavaliere

The French countess Coco Cavalière - a beautiful, talented and very independent
aristocrat - had two passions: journeys to distant countries and elegant fashion. Rumours had it that her unique style was even reflected in the choice of her exclusive lingerie.
Her luxurious wardrobe trunk and its mysterious contents hurried far ahead of its reputation. Cosmopolitan and free of shibboleths, she visited the most remote countries and let herself be inspired by foreign cultures.
Her creativity, her subtlety and her fascinating charisma already made her a style icon in her lifetime.
The story of the urbane countess Coco Cavalière has sprung from the imagination. However, her visionary personality stands for the corporate philosophy: unmistakable French design language, modern interpretations inspired by international trends, a sense of elegance and femininity, creativity, innovative thinking and quality awareness.
Coco Cavalière unites sensual, feminine silhouettes with luxurious materials and sophisticated details - but always with a unique style and class.
Coco Cavalière would say „très chic“!