Care Instructions

So that you can enjoy your new lingerie for a long time, it is important to wash the lingerie properly and to maintain it. With a lot of love for details, we make our fine lingerie, which by fine lace and high-quality embroideries require some sensitivity in the care. Each bra is unique and has individual care characteristics - the label on your new piece gives you the information about the material composition and proper care.

Your new lingerie should wash once before wearing it for the first time to avoid skin intolerance.

Most lingerie can be washed by hand at low temperatures - usually 30°C. If you wash the lingerie in the washing machine, use a laundry bag and only hand wash program. If your washing machine does not have such a program, wash the underware by hand. Do not rub the parts too hard. Please note the information in the sewn-in label.

It is best to use a liquid mild detergent, it protects the fibers and your laundry from unsightly discolouration. Dosing the detergent properly - too much can damage the fabric, too little does not wash clean. Do not use fabric softener. This damages the delicate material. The water must not be too hot either, it is best to have a lukewarm water. White and light lingerie should be washed separately from colored or dark one.

Rinse your lingerie thoroughly after washing. Detergent residues can cause irritation on sensitive skin. Some fibers go even yellow through detergent residues.

Dry your lingerie in the fresh air. However, please do not place it on the heater or directly into the sun to prevent bleaching of colors. Spread your lingerie on a towel or hang it gently on the clothesline.

Fold your lingerie carefully after drying and close the hooks of the bras. Keep them in a drawer to avoid possible deformation or entanglement. If it is a wooden drawer, we advise you to wipe it with cloth or silk paper, so that the delicate lingerie does not draw any threads on any wood chippings.

So your lingerie also smell fresh: especially lingerie, which are designed for very special moments, which also spend longer time in closet or drawer. It is worthwhile to put small textiles with lavender or other potpourri between the laundry to ensure a pleasant smell.

If you follow exactly the care instructions and care symbols on the labels, you will usually have long-lasting pleasure in your lingerie.